Day Location Time Class Type
Monday Wellness Centre, Kilcock 10-11 am Gentle Yoga
Tuesday Wellness Centre, Kilcock 9.30 am Gentle Yoga
Wednesday Wellness Centre, Kilcock 10-11 am Mixed level Yoga
Wednesday Wellness Centre, Kilcock 7.15-8.15 pm Beginners Yoga
Wednesday Wellness Centre, Kilcock 8.25-9.25 pm Level II Yoga
Thursday Wellness Centre, Kilcock 10-11 am Yoga for Fitness
Thursday Wellness Centre, Kilcock 1-2 pm Gentle Yoga

Vitality Yoga







Class Schedule

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Beginners - Flowing hatha yoga, suitable for all ages and fitness levels. All the basic yoga poses are introduced and then incorporated into flowing sequences over the 7 week course period.

Level II - More challenging flowing and fast paced class, building on the basic sequences from the beginners series and adding in more advanced options. Suitable for those who have done some yoga before


Mixed - Flowing hatha yoga for beginners and improvers. Both beginner and advanced options available in class.


Gentle - An hour of gentle stretching and focus on deep breathing, ending in a guided meditation and relaxation session

Fitness Yoga - A fast paced, aerobic style class, based on the sun salute sequence

All classes begin and end with a breathing and relaxation session. New class schedule begins 26th August 2019 (see below).


Vitality Yoga, Kilcock, Co. Kildare.

Ph: 0876727873