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Yoga in the heart of Kilcock

Bright, airy, modern yoga studio in the Wellness Centre on the bridge in Kilcock village

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Classes for all levels

Making yoga accessible to everyone......

wide range of classes to choose from

Gentle yoga, beginners yoga, mixed level yoga, fitness yoga, yin yoga, meditation classes


Live studio classes return on the 20th September 2021

Yoga classes are returning to the Wellness Centre studio on Monday the 20th Sept.  There are two attendance options: attend in person at the studio or stay online and particpiate in our studio classes via live zoom link. 


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new to Yoga? .... 

Are you exploring yoga for the first time, maybe worried about your flexibility?  

Or perhaps you want to find a way to relax and release some tension.

Or maybe you want to dive in and try a strong and energetic flowing yoga class.

Whatever your needs, there's a Vitality yoga class to suit you:

Beginners yoga - all the basic poses introduced over a 6 week course

Gentle yoga - Slow and gentle class, suitable for those with injuries or simply wanting a more meditative experience

Mixed level - all the basics with some sun salutes and extra options thrown in

Level II -more advanced flowing yoga class for those with 1-2 years yoga experience

Fitness yoga - a strong energetic level II class based on the sun salute sequence

EmmA Guinan - your yoga Teacher

Hi, My name is Emma and I've been teaching yoga in Kilcock and Maynooth for over 10 years.   As a full time yoga teacher and yoga therapist my goal is to make yoga accessible to everyone, regardless of age, flexibility level or injury.

For many years I worked as a scientist in the field of molecular biology.  I've always been fascinated by the body and how it works.  From exploring the workings of things at a cellular level I moved on to pursue my then hobby of yoga at a deeper level.

I completed my primary yoga teacher training in the Elbowroom yoga centre in Dublin in 2009,  followed by post natal yoga training in 2010 and have been teaching ever since.  I continued my training over the following years with some inspirational yoga teachers and completed my yoga therapy teacher training with Yoga Therapy Ireland in  2015.  I have also completed a number of mindfulness courses, most recently MBSR and MSC courses. I find the combination of yoga and mindfulness techniques which we use in our classes in the Wellness Centre can really help restore balance and ease to everyone who comes through our doors.

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Emma is a wonderful yoga teacher who is very skilled and intuitive. Her classes cater for everyone and she always promotes being in control of your own body and listening to what your abilities are on any given day. I always feel so much better after one of Emma's great yoga classes.
- Margaret Callary
Emma is a very special person and a wonderful teacher. She makes everyone feel good and her gentle yoga stretching classes are excellent. Can’t wait to get back to the live classes!
- Carole Burns
Love Emma’s classes, easily the best yoga instructor I have experienced. She gives an excellent strengthening workout whether a beginner, advanced or recovering from injury/surgery (and I have been all at some point). The online sessions have been really helpful in managing both physical and mental stress, the whole family are benefiting from it. Thank you Emma
- Cliona Howley
Emma is a wonderfull and empathic yoga teacher. Class sizes are small and she tunes in to each of those participating and offers appropriate and tailored feedback. Namaste.
- Padraig O'Murchu